CGS3767: Computer OS for IT; Section RVCC

Course Syllabus
CGS3767: Computer OS for IT; Section RVCC
 Prof. Robinson
Course Time Zone | Eastern Time (ET). Course due dates are according to this time zone.
Course Description and Purpose
Introduction to fundamental concepts of operating systems and their implementation in Linux and
• Email: [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) Please do not send emails
through Canvas, just email me using your FIU Email.
• Phone: By email
• Office: By email
• Office Hours: by email
• Turnaround time: daily/ASAP
• Website (
• Additional Notes: All material is in my Website
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
1 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
Windows. Not acceptable for credit for Computer Science majors.
Expected Course Outcomes
• Be familiar with hardware and software concepts
• Be familiar with OS functions and management
• Be familiar with the management of file systems
• Be familiar with the use of text editors
• Master basic command line functions
• Master simple shell programming
• Be exposed to windowing systems
Some of my goals are:
• Provide to all students the maximum support possible to make sure that all students achieve the best
results in every one of my classes by, in addition to my office hours, offer the following additional FREE
â—¦ Tutoring six (6) days a week (Monday thru Saturday)
â—¦ Mentoring in and out of class about:
â–ª Internships, Jobs, Resumes, Interviews, Career fairs, Career help in spot building.
â–ª Jobs at FIU as tutors and graders
â–ª Our Scholarships Flit-Path ( mentoring
â–ª Our Scholarships Flit-Gap ( mentoring
â–ª Scholarships FIU Internal and External (
â–ª Free Certifications training
â–ª Free Hands-on Hardware Training and other services
If you have any suggestions, for me, to help you better, please let me know
Course Prerequisites
CGS2250 or COP2210 with a minimum grade of C.
• Those who have less than a C in one of these classes will be dropped from the course during the first
week of class.
Class Type: 3 credits, core – required
Co-requisites: None
Prerequisite Topics:
• Primitive data types
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
2 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
• Basic Assignment control structures
• Familiarity with methods or functions
Before starting this course, please review the following pages:
• Policies
• Netiquette (
• Technical Requirements and Skills
• Accessibility and Accommodation
• Panthers Care & Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
• Academic Misconduct Statement
• Copyright Statement
• Inclusivity Statement
Academic Misconduct
Academic dishonesty is incompatible with a degree from FIU. All FIU policies regarding academic integrity
apply to this course. Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences (KFSCIS) expects
all of its students to practice complete honesty and transparency in all of their academic endeavors.
FIU Student Conduct and Honor Code:
• “Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Students at FIU are expected to adhere to the highest
standards of integrity in every aspect of their lives. Honesty in academic matters is part of this
obligation. Academic integrity is the adherence to those special values regarding life and work in an
academic community. Code violations may lead to suspension or expulsion from the University if a
determination of responsibility has been made. These sanctions will be determined based on severity
of incident and prior violations of the Code.”
Zero Tolerance for academic dishonesty:
If you commit any form of academic dishonesty in this course, you WILL be reported to the FIU Student
Conduct and Academic Affairs office.
Acts of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to:
• Plagiarism in written or coding submissions
• Cheating during quizzes or exams
• Enabling acts of academic dishonesty:
â—¦ Enabling other students by sharing your work
â—¦ Falsification of information
â—¦ Having unauthorized possession of quizzes or exams
â—¦ submitting the work of another person or work previously used in another course without the
express permission of the instructor
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
3 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
â—¦ uploading course materials to any websites without the instructor’s permission
â—¦ Utilizing outside paid sources to produce the work you submit
â—¦ Submitting work from a repository, including third party commercial sites offering work for-hire
â—¦ Other work repositories not expressly permitted by the instructor is considered an act of academic
dishonesty and a violation of the academic integrity code.
If, at any time, you are uncertain about permitted or prohibited actions in this course, consult your
instructor for guidance.
Failure to adhere to the guidelines stated above may result in one of the following:
• Expulsion: Permanent separation of the student from the University preventing readmission to the
institution. This sanction shall be recorded on the student’s transcript.
• Suspension: Temporary separation of the student from the University for a specific period of time.
Details on Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedures (
Short Version of the FIU Honor Code (
Complete Version as part of the regulations doc – section 6 (starting on page 14)
• Attendance will be taken on face 2 face classes.
• Only material that is taught in this class will be accepted.
• Not everything I teach in this class is in the book.
Simple Rules
• If you have any question, please email me and/or come to my office hours, and/or ask our Free tutors
at PG6 #102.
• Working together on programs is permitted, however, each program must be unique. All programs that
are copies will get a grade of zero (0).
• Your email MUST have your name on it.
â—¦ FIU, ElHombre, TheItGuy, etc are NOT accepted.
• On your email’s subject write:
â—¦ Your class name and email’s purpose: Class name, pgm #, comments.
• Upload your programs to
• Your programs must work as requested.
• Pages with errors will lose points.
• Programs turned in after the due date are not accepted.
• All work to be done using material taught in our class only.
• Any modification to your grades must be done no later than one week after grades are posted on
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
4 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
• if you have any issues with your grading, please circle the question(s) and return the assignment to
me, within one week, so that I can re-grade it.
Proctored Exam Policy
Please note that the information contained in this section applies only if your course requires a
proctored exam.
Through a careful examination of this syllabus, it is the student’s responsibility to determine whether this
online course requires proctored exams. Please visit our Student Proctored Exam Instructions
( webpage for important information concerning proctored
exams, proctoring centers, and important forms.
Textbook and Course Materials
Operating Systems for IT ( (Required)
Robinson, Michael
ISBN: 978-1-4652-8990-2
Published by Kendall Hunt Publishing (
You may purchase your textbook online at the FIU Bookstore (
Expectations of this Course
This is an online course, which means most (if not all) of the course work will be conducted online.
Expectations for performance in an online course are the same as a traditional course. In fact, online
courses require a degree of self-motivation, self-discipline, and technology skills which can make these
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
5 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
courses more demanding for some students.
Students are expected to:
• review the getting started page located in the course modules;
• take the practice quiz to ensure that your computer is compatible with the learning management
system, Canvas;
• interact online with instructor and peers;
• review and follow the course calendar and weekly outlines;
• log in to the course 3 times per week;
• respond to discussions by the due date specified. No late work will be accepted;
• respond to emails as soon as possible;
• submit assignments by the corresponding deadline.
The instructor will:
• log in to the course 5 times a week;
• respond to emails within as soon as possible;
• grade assignments within a week of the assignment deadline.
Course Communication
Communication in this course will take place via the Canvas Inbox. Check out the Canvas Conversations
Tutorial ( or Canvas Guide ( to
learn how to communicate with your instructor and peers using Announcements, Discussions, and the
Inbox. I will respond to all correspondences within 24 hours or ASAP.
Catalog Description
Projected Schedule (could be modified)
• Chapter 0: Preface
• Chapter 1: Operating Systems
• Chapter 2: The Basics
• Chapter 3: Virtual Machines
• Chapter 4: Numerical Systems
• Chapter 5: Computer Hardware
• Chapter 6: Computer Categories
• Chapter 7: Computer Software
• Chapter 8: Linux Terminal Mode Programming
• Chapter 9: Windows Command Line Programming
• Chapter 10: Networking
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
6 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
• Chapter 11: Directories, Files and Attributes
• Chapter 12: Protocols
• Chapter 13: Software Tools
• Glossary
Shell Programming
• File processing tools
• Variables: configuration/environment/shell
• Operators: defining/evaluating/arithmetic
• Logic: sequential/decision/loop/case
• Debugging scripts
• String tests, integer tests, boolean conditions
• Script development cycle
Tools Required – (Free)
Virtual Machines VM (
Installing Windows 7 in VirtualBox (
Download Ubuntu 16.04 (
Windows: PuTTY (
Allows you to have full remote control of your FIU server.
Create Account:
• At Host Name (or IP address) :
• Port: 22
• Select SSH
• Save Session: enter a name for this account
Windows: WinSCP (
Allows you to Create/Delete/Upload/Download folders/files to/from your FIU server.
Create Account:
1. At Session Section on right side
2. Host name (or IP address) :
3. Port number: 22
4. User name: Your user name
5. File protocol: SFTP
6. Save session as: enter a name for this account
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
7 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
Windows SSH: Terminal Mode (
Allows you to have full remote control of your FIU server.
It is under beta testing by Windows.
Linux or Windows or Mac or Solaris: Filezilla (
Allows you to Create/Delete/Upload/Download folders/files to/from your FIU server.
Linux: SecPanel
Allows you to have full remote control of your FIU server.
1. sudo apt-get update
2. sudo apt-get install secpanel
Linux or Mac or Solaris or Cel Phones SSH: Terminal Mode
Allows you to have full remote control of your FIU server.
1. ssh [email protected]
2. ssh -X [email protected] allows Gedit loading
FIU Virtual Labs
Connect to our Virtual Labs Computers (
• Through our IT department we have remote access to 76 undergraduates CIS lab computers, at the
JCCL and PG6 labs, named Virtual Labs.
• To use the Virtual Labs System, you need to have activated your account.
• Returning students who have used the labs in person, in previous semesters, do not need to change
their password from the initial password to something else, to be activated, but they can do so if
• If you have not used the labs before, you need to visit the KFSCIS Password Change Page
( and change your password, from your initial password to something else, to
activate your account and be able to use The Virtual Labs (vlabs).
• If you have any issues connecting to our Virtual Labs, please contact [email protected]
(mailto:[email protected])
Important URLS:
• Vlabs Access (
• Password Change (
CIS Virtual Office Staff Schedule
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
8 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
Connect to our CIS Virtual Office Staff Schedule (
• The office staff will be online through Zoom Monday – Friday from 9:00am – 4:30pm
• (
• Meeting ID: 3053482744 (same as the main office phone number)
Scheduled Programs, Quizzes and Exams
Below Dates and Data COULD BE MODIFIED
• Program 1 – 10(Ten) points
Posted: Sat May 7th, 2022
Due: Wednesday May 25th, 2022
Upload your program to Canvas before 11:59pm
• Program 2 – 10(Ten) points
Posted: Sat May 7th, 2022
Due: TBA, 2022
Upload your program to Canvas before 2:00pm
• Exam 1 Proctored – 20(Twenty) Points
Posted on: Sat May 7th, 2022
Held on: TBA
From 12:00 am to 11:59 pm (24 hours) max allowed time 1:15 consecutive hours
Latest possible starting time should be 10:00pm EST.
Covering all previous material.
• Program 3 – 10(Ten) points
Posted: Sat May 7th, 2022
Due: TBA, 2022
Upload your program to Canvas before 2:00pm
• Exam 2 Proctored – 20(Twenty) Points
Posted: Sat May 7th, 2022
Held on: TBA
From 12:00 am to 11:59 pm (24 hours) max allowed time 1:15 consecutive hours.
Latest possible starting time should be 10:00PM EST.
Covering all previous material.
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
9 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
• Program 4 – 10 (Ten) points
Posted: Sat May 7th, 2022
Due: TBA, 2022
• Final Exam Proctored – 20(Twenty) Points
Posted: Sat May 7th, 2022
Held on: TBA
From 12:00 am to 11:59 pm (24 hours) max allowed time 2:00 consecutive hours.
Latest possible starting time should be 10:00PM EST.
Covering all previous material.
Assignment Documentation
• Assignments must be turned in at the start of class on the due dates. I do not accept late assignments
without a valid reason.
• Include the following header in every program:
Author : Your Name
Course : Course Name and Times
Professor: Michael Robinson
Program: Program Number, Purpose/Description
A brief description of the program
Due Date : mm/dd/yyyy
I certify that this work is my own alone.
……….{ your signature }……….
Zoom is a video conference tool that you can use to interact with your professor and fellow students by
sharing screens, chatting, broadcasting live video/audio, and taking part in other interactive online
activities. We will be utilizing this tool to conduct [online tutoring, as soon as it is ready] (
• Download Zoom ( .
• Login to Zoom through Desktop Application (
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
10 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
• Enable and Test Audio & Webcam ( .
• Schedule a meeting ( or Join a Zoom meeting. (
• Invite others to join meeting. (
• Chat (Professors) – Students look at attendees section for instructions (
/hc/en-us/articles/205761999-Webinar-Chat) .
• Share My Screen ( .
• Record a Local Zoom meeting. (
• Host Control in Meetings. (
• Getting Started with iOS. (
• Getting Started with Android. (
We are using Canvas as the Management System to do the following:
• For students to upload all programs, and any other required work
• Maintain all students grades, including current totals for each student grades
• Please do not take into account the columns named with % done automatically by Canvas
• My grades are based on 100 points. Every point is worth the same. I do not do/use percentages
• Please follow your total amount of points only
Course Grades Distribution Table
Course Requirements Points for Each Weight
Program 1 10 10%
Program 2 10 10%
Exam 1 20 20%
Program 3 10 10%
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
11 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM
Course Requirements Points for Each Weight
Exam 2 20 20%
Program 4 10 10%
Final Exam 20 20%
Total 100 100%
Letter Grade Distribution Table
Letter Range% Letter Range% Letter Range%
A 95 or above B 85 – 82 C 73 – 70
A- 94 – 90 B- 81 – 78 D 69 – 51
B+ 89 – 86 C+ 77 – 74 F 50 or less
At the end of the semester, I will round up your Final Grade, bringing it to the next highest integer
Access your Course Calendar (.docx) (h�ps://
/download?download_frd=1) for course topics and assignments.
Syllabus for CGS3767 RVCC 1225
12 of 12 5/14/2022, 2:26 PM

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